Neat Stuff

chalkboard animation of master mechanic and apprenticelooking in the fire tunnel of coffee can camp stove
unboxing of 50 year old kids science toyusing terracotta flower pot and tealight candles for emergency heat
 using secateurs to prune stemsJohn Deere bulldozer with scarifier parked in field
iPhone mounted on handmade wooden stabilizerlemon sliced in half on cutting board with large butcher knife
string tied to dipping tap to dampen soundusing children's crayon for emergency candle
 using gas lantern for emergency lightassembling a rocking chair kit
Steve #5 in front of tool boxes giving advicecan of WD-40 closeup
hitting hanging combination wrenches to create soundschalkboard animation of stinky feet
close up of spigot valvetitle page for the tool knowledge challenge video
title page for tool knowledge challenge videotitle page for tool knowledge challenge video

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