Automotive / Marine

chalk diagram of an engine's cooling system
close up of Fram oil filter with installation datetitle page showing images of jumper cables and snow brush
battery terminal heated by propane torchair conditioner controls from car
demonstrating proper use of a flaring barNOCO Genius GB30 Boost connected to boat battery
pumping tranmission fluid from boats marine gearSteve #5 hooking up jumper cables to boost a car
red fuel can left open outdoorscreating a crimp connection using terminal pliers
pouring oil into an engine's crankcaseengine oil cap showing preferred oil type
close up of coaxial cable endshows repair of broken glove box hinge
installing Chevy Blazer driver's side mirrorjack with jack stand supporting vehicle
refitting an electric window control panelSteve #5 talks to the camera about his career

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