Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cow Hitch - Hot Knots 4

Quick demonstration on belaying a line to a ring with two options for adding a half-hitch lock. Fourth in a series of hot knots you should know.

OK say you have a ring, you know the common thing to do would be to just pass that through, flip it over and you have a classic "Cow Hitch".

Cow Hitch Knot tied onto a ring


The only problem with a Cow Hitch is it might not hold on you. In the long term it might work its way free. So to prevent it from working its way free you can always add a half-hitch here on the ring and that's not going to work its way free at all. OK so, a Cow Hitch with a half hitch lock.

Or you can go in this direction and put your half hitch lock here. Cow Hitch with a half hitch lock. Again, that's not going to work its way free.

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