Saturday, October 24, 2015

About Steve #5

Why they call me Steve #5

*Photo From Prepping For Power Outages - Top 10 Things You Need For Surviving Blackouts In Comfort 

Steve #5 is a Canadian Red Seal journeyman HEAVY DUTY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC
a certified DIESEL MECHANIC and an experienced HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR. 

 His work experiences and Do It Yourself approach to life have contributed to his breadth of knowledge in the wide range of  DIY skills he shares in clear and concise video tutorials anyone can understand. 

Named Steve #5 by the foreman of the service department at a forklift dealership he worked at with about fifty employees of which four were already called Steve.

Steve's concept for the show is a means of helping people help themselves with the focus on sharing skills used in rebuilding, recycling, restoring and reusing to promote conservation, environmentalism, sustainability and wildlife preservation. 

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